Lars, Founder

Lars is responsible for all sales and he cooperates closely with our manufactures in China. 

His goal is to find the best products for our customers, to ensure high quality and fair prices.

Private: One of the biggest MAN U fans in Denmark!

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Rikke, Founder

Rikke is responsible for all new designs and is taking care of our customers. 

Her goal is to create the cutest DIY plush on the market and never to keep a customer waiting - so if you want a fast reply, just send her an e-mail.

Private: Family comes first!

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Natasja, Customer Service

Natasja is responsible for customer service in EU. 

Her goal is that you know we are here for you and we will reply your request within 24 hours. She is also running the numbers and balancing the accounts.

Private: You can’t buy happiness but you can buy chocolate :-)


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Rebekka, Warehouse Manager

Rebekka is responsible for our warehouse.

Her goal is to ensure that your order will go out from our warehouse the same day as we receive it (if received latest 2 PM).  She will also ensure our warehouse staff is on their toes and provide you with excellent service.

Private: The type of person who loves to assemble IKEA furniture – it’s like high stakes LEGOs.

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Vivian, Manager China office

Vivian is responsible for our office in China.

Her goal is to ensure high quality on all our products. She works closely with our suppliers and takes care of our shipments.

Private:  A friendly friend from faraway China

Johanne, Marketing

Johanne is responsible for marketing

Her goal is keep you updated on all the great new items coming in and create good offers for you. 

Private: Baking (and eating) cakes make me happy

Zlatan, China office

Zlatan is working in our China office with QC and updates of the website 

His goal is to ensure high quality on all our products working closely with our suppliers.
He also maintenance the website with new items and features. 

Private:  Music makes me happy!

Jonas, Web Developer

Jonas is responsible for the website. 

His goal is to make the website as user-friendly as possible so our customers have a good experience when they navigate on our website. 

Private: How to make me happy? Make me a good meal :-) 

Silas, Happy packer

Silas is one of our young workers

He is responsible for getting orders packed and shipped out as soon as possible.

 Private: Football makes me happy

Viviana, Customer Service US

Viviana is responsible for the customer service in the US. 

Her goal is to provide you with super service and make you feel that you are in the best of hands. Viviana knows all about shipping from Denmark to US and can answer every question you might have. 

Private: Has an English Bulldog named Bruno who speaks spanish

Stuffing team     

Our stuffing team is very helpful when some of our customers needs pre-stuffed bears.

Their goal is to do all they can to get the teddy bears to their new homes.