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Hi! We are Rikke and Lars and we are the founders of Cuddles & friends. 

We've been in the teddy business for quite some time now - over 15 years! In this time we have had stores in shopping centres, co-founded Teddy Mountain and even lived in China before we decided to start Cuddles & friends. 

We have great connections to our partners in China and along with the fact that we design our own teddy bears and outfits inhouse we are very flexible with our customers wishes and needs. We take pride in offering you the very best in service and products in a high Danish quality.



We want to bring joy and happiness into children's lives

By letting children be a part of the process creating their very own bear, this bear is more likely to be the favorite bear that will follow the child for many, many years. 
The bear will become a close friend to tell stories and secrets to. As parents, we know it's a joy to follow the creative process when your child is creating their new very best friend.
We feel privileged to be a part of this!


At Cuddles and Friends, we believe in delivering not just products, but cherished companions that bring joy and comfort to people of all ages.


Cuddles & friends are stepping up and becomming a ECO friendly company. Reduce, reuse and recycle is what its all about!

Some steps we have taken in the direction of becoming more ECO friendly

- We have reduced our travels and shipments from China to Denmark. We have a great communication with our suppliers and a lot can be sorted out online. 

- We reuse our cardboard boxes

- Our hangtags and labels are made from recycled material

- Our hangers is made from recycled materials 

- We have an ECO line with teddies all made from recycled materials 

ECO - How plastic is made into fabric


Customer service and low prices

Cuddles & friends wants to offer you the best customer service. It is very important to us that all employees with Cuddles & friends have a good and fun work day so when you talk to us, you will get dedicated and caring answers.

It is also our mission to always offer you the best prices on your DIY plush teddy! 


We support

We are the proud sponsor of a girl in Cambodia.

Narin lives in the SOS Children´s Village in Battambang where she has a loving home and enjoys living with her SOS siblings. Narin spends most of her time studying in groups after school and when she wants to stress out she loves to fold paper lamps and decorate her front front yard with them.

We at Cuddles and friends are happy to be given this option to give Narin a safe place to grow up and also to be given the opportunity to follow Narin from here.

NB! To protect Narin we will not post any pictures of her on our website.