Why choose Cuddles and friends? 


Cuddles and friends dealers!



With a DIY teddy you can give the kids an extra experience at your playland.

At the same time the teddy is a reminder of a wonderfull day to take home.  


Party planners

Throw the perfect birthday party for the kids with DIY teddies.

The kids will love it - everybody goes home with a friend for life!



Amusement parks

The kids will love to make their very own teddy at the amusement park. 

We can even help you make your own custom teddy! 


Summer stores

Give your holliday-customers an experience that last long after they come home.

Be a DIY teddy store and let the kids create their very own teddy for life! 


Teddy stores

Expand your teddy store with wonderful do it yourself teddies!

Instead of buying a prefabricated teddy the kids will love to create their very own personal teddy - wearing the cutest or coolest outfit. 


Scan clinics

Give your clients a lasting memory of their baby's heartbeat. 

You can record the sound of the heartbeat, and put it in one of our prefilled cute small teddies for the parents to take home.